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Princess Diana/George Michael food dream

Friday, June 2 2006

I was pouring milk or custard (or something odd) on to plate to go with potatoes and gravy. My brother Ian groaned as it was part of a bet and he had to match what I ate. George Michael gave a eulogy and ended by kicking a football down the aisle. Princess Diana was there eating at a table afterwards, and she was saying she had eaten so much she was fit to burst!

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Street golf

Sunday, November 13 2005

I was playing a type of golf, but instead of grassy courses and small white balls I played with a football, and the playing area consisted of houses and walls over which I had to guess where I may get enough room to play my next shot. After playing a shot upwards onto a wall, I looked for my next shot that appeared to be in the direction of a row of houses but seemed impossible because of the sheer distance involved.


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