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The Bob Dylan concert

Wednesday, February 23 2005

I was at a Bob Dylan concert and after thirty minutes there was a story going around the stadium that a soundbyte from the opening song had been uploaded to an internet radio station who are in trouble for broadcasting the clip. I was studying at a college, and realised what I was learning I knew already so I walked away. I was walking down the corridors of the college which were in semi darkness and came across the mens toilet next to the room I was studying.

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Fat ladies on the riverbank

Sunday, April 11 2004

I had received a delivery of a Hi Fi system at college. Where once I had just owned a small radio, now I unpacked a tower, huge speakers and headphones which took up lots of room that I did not have. I kept thinking to myself like, how am I going to be able to put all this away intime before the end of class? I was also worried that I had left my pocket PC on a riverbank as I continued with others for some distance. We were not going to come back the same way so I made sure I got it b


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