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The stalker who changed target.

Tuesday, August 16 2005

I pulled a tablecloth off a table and accidentally dropped a napkin in a prepared meal, though it was not entirely my fault. A woman who was being stalked went to court and took a new identity after winning her case. The stalker had traced her to her house. Her new boyfriend became the new victim of the stalker and got kidnapped at court, whilst friends tried to detain the man from getting away.

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Michael Jackson in court / L.A.Woman

Wednesday, March 23 2005

I was at the Michael Jackson trial with Nettie. After being sworn in, I had my headphones up loud and wore a baseball cap. I took this off as a mark of respect to the judge but the music (L.A. Woman by The Doors) I couldnâ??t turn down at all. From here I went on a bus ride to Camden.


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