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Station to station

Thursday, February 26 2009

I was walking alongside a female cyclist on a towpath. She was going slower than me even though her feet were pedaling furiously. I had forgotten my coat where I can come from, but I was walking so fast that I reasoned that it was pointless for me to go back. I would collect it later. I was walking because I had missed my train and I decided to walk to the next station. When I got there I was wading in water up to my knees 

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Another sausage dream / the dog driving a harness

Saturday, March 26 2005

A man begged for food from a passer by and she gave him lots of fruit, for which he was grateful. I went into a bakers eating a sausage roll I had bought earlier in the dream and walked out buying nothing but wanted some chocolate. I then daydreamed of being knocked over by a cyclist who had like me just seen a dog in goggles driving a man along on a harness. That would have distracted anyone, lol.


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