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Terence Trent Darby dancing contest

Wednesday, November 15 2006

I was watching Terence Trent Darby (remember him?) taking part in a dancing contest in a concert hall. As he came to the stage he tried to whip up the audience excitement, but seeing as the audience only totaled three - of which which two were me and Sophie - he had no chance. Then I suggested to Sophie that I was going to spread out and go sit on the sofa on the other side of the hall.

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A short dream

Wednesday, March 17 2004

I was reinacting a ghostly dance by placing shoes in the steps of former dancing couple. Walking in my dark trousers through some mud.

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The woman with three mouths

Sunday, January 5 2003

This dream starts with a haircut - namely - of a friend. He sits in the chair and a young woman begins to cut. He wanted a neat and short cut, but what happens is a haircut so odd and startling that he has no option but to cut the rest off and go bald. He actually likes the result and walks off satisfied. I'm now having a haircut after seeing her cut my friend's hair. She cuts it short but I say 'down to a few millimetres', and I demonstrate with my fingers. But she seems to like it the w


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