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A new hair style - fire style

Saturday, December 31 2011

The bizarre part of this dream came early on. I had matches and wanted to use them. It seemed like a good idea to use these matches to set fire to friends’ hair. It would then smoulder till it became a short frizzy haircut. The first female that I asked wanted no part, but the second I pushed the match into place despite her protestations. I had a fire extinguisher to hand just in case the burning got out of control.  Afterwards I took text messages on a Blackberry phone, but had

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The exploding colour printer

Monday, April 24 2006

A colour printer blew up at work and it seemed to be blamed on me for plugging it in. A few flames were taking hold, so I found a foam fire extinguisher and struggled to get the safety catch off. Mice below scattered as I sprayed everywhere. There was an inquiry afterwards into what had happened


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