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A big trouser cough...

Monday, February 24 2003

This one had me chuckling all day. I let rip with an enourmous fart that lasted a full thirty seconds. Thank goodness one does not smell in dreams! The other minor dream was of being on a train with the driver coming through halfway through the journey for a chat. An old man was shocked that we therefore had nobody driving the train.

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Trouser cough from Dad

Friday, January 24 2003

Funny one, this. I'm in a car with dad driving. We approach a door head on and he goes up the pavement and a step or two and touches the door with the bonnet very gently. The number plate of the car is SH1TE and I know this because I looked at it a number of times and it remained constant. I have no idea why I did not realise I was dreaming. Dad got out of the car and when he came walking back, he let out this trouser cough that must have been heard from the other side of town! Everyb


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