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Looking after a house as a favour

Sunday, February 26 2006

I was looking after an African's house as part of a favour to a work friend. He had gone out for the night and I was in his house alone and suddenly not sure if anybody was coming back for the night. So I went to bed. At 2am I woke up and went to the landing from where I saw lights on downstairs. My friend appeared close by, at which point I was on an organised coach back home as laid on by my friend. In the cigarette tray on the back of the seat in front of me I put lots of sweet wrap

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The affair

Tuesday, September 27 2005

David was cheating on his wife right next door and I left him a coffee outside his bedroom door where he was 'entertaining'. I sort of discovered all what was happening but turned their bedroom light off when I left the coffee rather than say anything to the pair of them. He was found out and the emphasis switches to the cheated partners. The wife I consoled, and she sees the 'forgive me' letters from David, but he has written them on the pad which also contains the letters to and from t


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