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Hiding in the fridge

Wednesday, July 28 2010

So there I was, shut in the fridge at work as part of a practical joke where I would jump out on an unprepared member of staff . I climbed in and pulled the door towards me and settled down for a wait. After a little while I became bored as nobody had come along, so I made to open the fridge. I couldn't get it open though, and yes, the light was off so it was dark. I forced it open eventually and just sat there... it was a dream... and I had to wait for ages till I woke up for it to end.

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Mum plays cupid

Friday, July 25 2003

Mum asks me what I thought of her friend Claire. Before she has even finished speaking I know what she is going to say because I was thinking of Claire at the time. We had this conversation in front of the fridge as I was eating a sandwich. In the dream I was thinking that my last relationship was with a woman called Claire as well.


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