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The brothel

Thursday, May 3 2007

I went into a shop where I was known, and gave a credit card number. After a while I grew bored of waiting in a side room, and picking up an item I walked through a curtain just as the owner was coming back in. He explained it wasn't a lottery/gambling business any more, and it wasn't long till I knew the new business. I was using the toilet with lots of women and men waiting around, and discovered it was now a brothel. went to leave, but a man in mask tried to stop me. I shouted out for

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Collection of images

Saturday, October 4 2003

I shuffled a packet of cards and out in sequence I pulled 6,7,8,9 & 10 of hearts. Playing for money with Gu. The stake is a pound and I win quite a lot of money which is given to me in notes and coins. Two biscuits that are joined together to make a whole, which is now spherical and looks like a chocolate globe. (2 second dream) I was looking towards the door, shut my eyes and I saw a man about to push the door open and come in. He had a blue shirt and it MIGHT have been me. I ope


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