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The sloppy gravy story

Saturday, September 10 2005

I was counting the money at work and also arranging to get some lunch. I collected a dinner on a tray and was looking for somewhere on my own to eat. I soon gave up on this and found a table with one person so put my tray down there. I soon noticed that the table was sloping, and that my gravy was running off my plate and onto the floor away from my side of the table. I was getting everyone to look at this strange phenomenon but was just so mortified at these turn of events - particularl

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Lots of dreams all lumped together

Friday, August 26 2005

The Grand prix had changed ownership and two Blue Peter ladies were testing a yellow cylinder cushion protector for the cars. One lady had previously been to the moon. Guests were eating white or brown chocolate drops from a plate in gravy sauce which tasted quite disgusting. I was zooming in with my digital camera to see where my brother Dave was. It took a long time to adjust the focus, but I eventually saw him standing near St Pauls Cathederal. Then I was in a cafeteria when two lad


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