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A cat with no heart

Wednesday, April 7 2004

A man stole a cat, then ripped out its heart before bringing it to back to life again. I was on Southend beach and it was an annual day out. Looking for my website with a football manager. Nothing is where it should be. Databases, addresses and net I online?

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The door with a painted heart

Lucid Intent
Sunday, January 19 2003

I'm rolling a silver ball along a piece of wood and seeing how far it will go before it falls off the other end. Gu tells me of his previous job where he was sacked for financial irregularities. He has moved to a new house in Walton-on-Thames and we are outside it with a woman who might be his ex wife. He is showing me a photo of him when he was much younger and it is taken in front of a house with a great big heart drawn in red around the front door. It seems in some way related to his


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