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Ian's medication

Friday, October 3 2008

I was in the passenger seat of a car with Ian as driver. Sophie was in the back seat. Ian was driving eratically, then was on the wrong side of the road as a car coming in our direction narrowly avoided hitting us. I spoke to Ian quietly as I asked him to pull over to the left hand side of the road, slow down and then bring the car to a halt. He did what I asked him by pulling over and slowing right down, but continued at 10mph. I realised that he needed his insulin injection immediate

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Sky TV and the Simpsons

Sunday, January 26 2003

I'm on a bed and there are two Sky TV controllers. Mine is a little different to this other one which belongs to my dad. Meanwhile my brother Ian and Dad are going in and out of the bedroom doing things to the controller and there are a few people watching an episode of the Simpsons which ends in a suicide jumping from high out the window and onto the pavement. Then a video comes on. It's The Stranglers singing 5 to 1. (I never even realised at the time that was a Doors song they wer


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