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The Castle Tunnel

Saturday, January 5 2013

I was at the start of a long tunnel leading into a castle. The tunnel being semi circular and made of stone. I was carrying a bowl of cereal with me, and wherever I went there seemed to be spiders, grubs, flies and what have you coming at me from all directions. They appeared to be in uniform patterns, thinking about it now. I was going back and forth down this tunnel when I twice came across a 2 inch long horrible hard crusted thing that was able to lift a manhole cover when it saw me coming.

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Eating bugs for speaking out of turn

Monday, January 17 2005

Graeme H was a butcher and I saw him working away in shop so said hello. I was in a stadium where there was tight security - speak, and I had to eat bugs etc. A man got a painting of the bugs and worms on a plate with gravy, and it was signed by the painter.


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