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Late/Sophie's bad driving

Monday, January 12 2009

I was trying to get to work, but the road was blocked by an electronic device that was stopping the bus from going past. It was activated further down the road but nobody wanted to go and release the mechanism that would activate the gate. Sophie came by and drove me in the general direction of work, but was more preoccupied with putting her head on my shoulder and kissing me. As much as I was enjoying this, I was more concerned with her paying attention to where she was driving. I also though s

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Reunion/taking off downwards?

Saturday, May 14 2005

I had been sent a very long letter from Lara, who wanted me to make up and get back together after 5 years. From here I was in a lever pulley trolley going down a train track with another person. We were going so fast that we couldn't come to a halt when the track went at right angles, but somehow negotiated the corner. There was also a sequence with me on a plane taking off DOWNWARDS as the airbag fills.


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