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A new hair style - fire style

Saturday, December 31 2011

The bizarre part of this dream came early on. I had matches and wanted to use them. It seemed like a good idea to use these matches to set fire to friends’ hair. It would then smoulder till it became a short frizzy haircut. The first female that I asked wanted no part, but the second I pushed the match into place despite her protestations. I had a fire extinguisher to hand just in case the burning got out of control.  Afterwards I took text messages on a Blackberry phone, but had

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Petrol and multiple deaths

Tuesday, April 20 2004

A room is doused in petrol and then a match is lit. I wonder how long the people inside would've had to get out the room had they changed their mind not to commit suicide. Best not to know when the match was going to be lit. Man standing with petrol and mud on his face and a half burnt female torso.


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