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The Ace of Spades

Wednesday, March 7 2012

I was looking at a child's coffin as it was being carried along. As I looked at it I noticed there were a couple of things on top of it. One was an open pack of playing cards. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be something if the top card was the ace of spades, and blow me down it was. I still thought that this was disrespectful to the child that had died. As a sideline to this, Sophie's parents were putting matchsticks into a pencil holder. Why? It was a dream, okay?

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Eating a pencil (again)

Sunday, January 1 2006

I was upstairs in a bedroom and had moved downstairs to the living room. There were people gathered there and were a mixture of both my and Sophie's family. I turned the TV on because it was a little too quiet, then went out for a meal and at one point ate a pencil. It wasn't as nice as one I had previously eaten!


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