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Raquel Welch

Monday, July 2 2012

A private detective was on my tail, set up by a young Raquel Welch. She wanted to find out what I was up to. I have someone watching her too and was in a city, standing on marble steps outside the town hall. I left in a jeep with two or three friends climbing in before speeding off I was then being pushed in shopping trolley down corridors lined with aging newspapers stacked on shelves. We found incriminating evidence on Raquel that can I could use at a later date. I found some c

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Market stall

Monday, September 29 2008

There were two guys in the same room as me, and I was looking at one in particular and thinking don't I know you? When I asked him how I knew him, he said that yes, he remembered me from the other day when I was selling perfume at the market stall the other day. I did so well that I sold all the stock that I had with me. The odd part was that I had been taking my shirt off as I tried to think of how I knew him.


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