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Reunion/taking off downwards?

Saturday, May 14 2005

I had been sent a very long letter from Lara, who wanted me to make up and get back together after 5 years. From here I was in a lever pulley trolley going down a train track with another person. We were going so fast that we couldn't come to a halt when the track went at right angles, but somehow negotiated the corner. There was also a sequence with me on a plane taking off DOWNWARDS as the airbag fills.

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My old mate Kevin Smith

Monday, April 11 2005

I was wearing a ski mask on my head because it was so cold, but I took it off as I thought it might scare some people. It was harder to take off than I had expected, and I saw a couple of my buses go by because I wasnâ??t quick enough to stick out my hand and stop them. I was trying to contact and old friend called Kevin Smith, and after some confusion I finally met him and it was like old times. I then tried to enter his number into my mobile but kept keying in the wrong numbers.


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