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Look - it's raining cars!

Wednesday, November 16 2005

I was walking a long route to my destination, even though I knew there was a quicker way. Then I had a change of heart and headed back - only to find that all manner of strange events were happening, such as cars falling from the sky and narrowly missing me, or masonry collapsing around/in front/on the path I walked.

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Going for a walk

Monday, January 19 2004

I decide to go on a short walk from my house but cannot decide if I should go on a clockwise or anti- clockwise route. I walk from the house with my football scarf round my neck but I soon have to correct it as it is not being worn properly and looks silly. Then, on my route, I think about taking pictures of pub signs. My neigbour Chris walks past very fast with a woman. I wonder why I am so slow and then notice that my left stride is only half oFmy right stride. Once I have corrected


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