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The Russell Brand Dream

Tuesday, August 14 2012

Russell Brand, myself and Father Christmas were sitting together in a room in a house. I was saying to Russell, look - us two have white beards. Why don't you get one as well? He seem dubious about this idea, but followed me upstairs to look for a stick on white one. Russell in this dream was what can best be described as dim. As we looked out my bedroom window, I saw my former neighbour Arthur who was mowing his lawn with what can only be described as a auto mower. 

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Russell Brand visits

Monday, June 25 2012

  I had just been given a small room to live in, covered with a worn out sky blue lino floor. Honestly, it was a disgusting floor covering. Then I was informed that Russell Brand was coming to visit me in just a few minutes. This was going to look bad on me if Russell thought I lived in this pig sty. So what I did was get a cloth and scrub the floor. It was a dimly-lit room with a tiny window. Maybe it would be too dark for him to see?  Afterwards I was going to work out how to maximi


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