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Polo Choc

Saturday, September 5 2009

Sophie and I were walking around a supermarket that also doubled as as an admin workplace, so there were a lot of my work colleagues about. I was collecting gifts from the supermarket and passing them on to friends. At one point I was directed towards a gift-wrapped display of Polo Mints that were being marketed with added chocolate. I picked one up and asked a sales representative if she had a sample I could try. They looked delicious!

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Selling my LP's

Tuesday, January 16 2007

I was going to sell my LPs to a man who lived near me who owned a nearby shop. He had come into the house and gone upstairs to have a look at what I was selling. After waiting for ages to see him again, he emerged from his house and drove off into the night. Sophie chased after him because she really wanted to close the deal.


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