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Saving a child from danger

Sunday, January 15 2006

I was waiting to make an arrest of a criminal along with a colleague in a school. Right at the moment we were going to bust in, I decided to go a difficult route up a staircase to nab the villian. When I made it to the location he had run off, so I gave chase out into the streets. A little boy was running out into the traffic and in real danger of hurting himself and others, so as he ran into the path of an oncoming car I put out my arms wide and waved them up and down frantically to att

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John Fashanu in goal?

Tuesday, December 23 2003

I was taking penalties at Exeter Indoor Centre for football against John Fashanu. There was a ridge where the ball rested in preparation to be kicked. The centre spot was also very close to the goal so I felt confident of success. I decided to shoot to his left and unfortunately he dived that way and saved well. I was naturally, quite upset at the outcome! We were playing below the Exeter football club's ground. Strong roof. After taking the penalty and missing I noticed there was a


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