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Sunday, June 24 2012

  A thief kept stealing a trophy that was being guarded. However, the guard was away from his post and the thief saw a window of opportunity to grab and make a run for it. He had made good with his escape and was standing by me when a policeman came along and began asking me questions. I was now that I became the thief.  I had a rival in the thieving world and he just happened to be on the scene at that precise moment. While they were talking/he was being frisked I slipped a pair o

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The ponytail

Wednesday, February 14 2007

I decided that the hairs on the back of my neck were getting too long, so with the help of a Bic I was shaving a little away. When I looked with the aid of a mirror, I seemed to have done a perfect job, but then I noticed a few strands of long hair to the right, then immediately saw I had a long pony tail with a bow attached. Cute!


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