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Dogs run through a gate with no damage

Tuesday, April 25 2006

Four dogs including Sophie's dog Otto were running around my house, even though I wanted to get rid of them. Then Otto and another ran right at the garden gate and right through it though it looked to be impossible. Outside the gate there was a lot of dogshit which I tried to avoid.

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Lucid mouse shite in the bathroom!

Friday, February 7 2003

So, I'm in the toilet and sitting down on the seat. I look around me and see mouse shit on the floor. Under the door, by the radiator and under the basin. My god, I think to myself. How did a mouse do such a big crap like that? It was big! It must have hurt! Then I think on and have the startling thought that I don't want to be around if that mouse comes back LOL. I had pushed the toilet door closed. Now I go to open it. I am greeted with a brick wall. That's ridiculous, I think to my


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