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Danger, danger - high voltage!

Wednesday, May 5 2004

I was wearing a coat on a hot day and thinking to myself that when it rained, all these people in summer clothes would be very wet. I put my finger near to an electrical appliance socket and there was a loud bang.

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The Rubettes play in a canteen

Tuesday, May 20 2003

On the same theme as my REM music dream, I was sitting in a canteen minding my own business when ancient 70's has-been band The Rubettes (3 of them anyway) come in and decide they are going to do a gig. They lood old and tired. So they strike up a number and very soon I notice they are playing behind an obstacle that is blocking them from me and their audience. Later on and I'm having a strop because my mother is not listening to what I am saying. I walk off in a huff. Then I'm peeing


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