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OBE vibration

Monday, June 6 2005

I had an OBE vibration and spinning sensation after becoming aware that I was awake. I felt I could see beyond my shut eyes in the darkness of my room and could see shapes on the wall. I immediately wanted to leave my body but I couldn't get beyond the loud buzzing sensation and was feeling extremely dizzy and it was then that I lost the feeling. Some time around then I awoke after trying to send a feeling of love out to a friend.

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Round and around on a wheel

Friday, July 23 2004

Iâ??m on a big wheel and stay on it all afternoon, despite not liking rides like this. It moves along the road, slowly. Iâ??m putting on socks, then falling asleep and waking and to find that they aren't on after all. Somebody borrows CD's but doesn't play them.

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Lucid or dreaming?

Lucid Intent
Sunday, January 12 2003

I'm reading a scrap of paper. I make a point of re reading to see if I am lucid, and as I am able to control what the numbers do I come to the conclusion I am lucid. The excitement at the realisation feels real. I decide to get back to the house and see what I can do. That felt like a conscious decision by me, but I chose to go to my old aunts house which is in fact not far from where I live. I remember spinning myself as I heard it's a good way of retaining lucidity. I believe that t


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