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The Teddy Bear Walk

Sunday, January 6 2013

I had to walk through two lines of teddy bears up to human size, and I felt uneasy because they were tightly packed on both sides of a sun-filled narrow room. At the first attempt I stopped and went back because I didn't want to tread on their toes/I was afraid they may come alive and hurt me.Sophie told me to stop being silly and she would lead the way through them to wherever we were heading. So at the second attempt I sort of brushed past them quickly where I came across my my cousin, who t

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Evil Ted

Friday, August 3 2012

This was a dream of an evil teddy bear. He (or it) had stolen the lives of 1000 other teddy bears and was wreaking havoc. His end came, as he sped through the house through heating pipes till being stuck down a toilet pipe. I decided to flush the toilet till the pressure became too much. He shot off through the pipes again, flying through the air till splashing down into a swimming pool dead. As he settled to the bottom, it became obvious what he had done with the other bears. They lay motio


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