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Wednesday, May 27 2009

I was using Windows on my PC. I went to open a document and found myself in the middle of a huge search to find all the .doc files on my computer. From here I was in the middle of playing a football game. I hardly got a touch of the ball, but the match was notable for an event that happened shortly after the start of the game: all the players and the referee ran to the halfway line en masse and lined up in respect to mark the anniversary of the deaths of spectators at a game many years ago.

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The Jimi Hendrix tribute flop

Monday, November 7 2005

A man then tried to sell me a gadget to chat to friends via text on my PC and I had to tell him that I did that years ago on Yahoo and a Jimi Hendrix tribute guy was playing in a church, but his performance was poor and also he had the wrong guitar with the wrong sound for what he was trying to play. At one point I seemed to be the guy in question.


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