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Alexandra Palace/Hospital outfit

Lucid Intent

Technique: RT
Tuesday, December 20 2011

The setting was similar to that outside Alexandra Park and Palace. There was a small road where a car could turn around, except for the fact that a 40ft container was in the process of doing so, and then the container part was not there and it was just the front unhooked truck part doing a 3 point turn. While this was happening I waited patiently to cross the road. Walking on, there was a park attendant standing nearby. As I passed by he motioned towards a plastic bottle and said 'pick it up'. I

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Condenstation in the window

Sunday, July 25 2004

Writing in the condensation of a window as I ride along in a truck on the drivers side. I couldn't make a single mark though, and I really wanted to give a message to cars that were overtaking. Then, through the left window I saw a man and woman looking across as they drove past.


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