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In The Forest

Sunday, September 2 2012

So there I was on a narrow pathway after ages of following a woman. I needed to go past so I asked politely 'can I come by?' I was quite shocked when she refused to move over. So I continued to press her to pass on either side. If only my knees did not ache I would push past this rude woman. We came to a clearing in the woods. She went a different path and I was listening for sounds that I could hear around me. They sounded like aliens nearby. Now I was at a door and I pushed it open a litt

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Walking along the tracks

Wednesday, June 18 2003

I'm walking from one railway station to another, not along the tracks but on the other side of a wire fence. Presently, I arrive at a village and I think in my dream that I have been there before. I turn left and walk on till I come across a competition to find the best married couple. For some reason I find this to be very amusing.


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