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Bruce Springsteen sings Motown

Thursday, April 26 2012

I was writing notes in a record shop with a pencil and was being disturbed by women with noisy babies. As I stood there a record fell from a rack onto the floor. It was a disc of Bruce Springsteen singing a live version of Tracks of my Tears. I forget what was the flip side. I put it back in its special case and continued to write.

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Lucid or dreaming?

Lucid Intent
Sunday, January 12 2003

I'm reading a scrap of paper. I make a point of re reading to see if I am lucid, and as I am able to control what the numbers do I come to the conclusion I am lucid. The excitement at the realisation feels real. I decide to get back to the house and see what I can do. That felt like a conscious decision by me, but I chose to go to my old aunts house which is in fact not far from where I live. I remember spinning myself as I heard it's a good way of retaining lucidity. I believe that t


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