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Damaged car

Sunday, July 27 2008

I was looking at my car that I had parked up. I had gone back to it and seen that the wheels were buckled up on the rims and looking beyond repair. If I was going to drive it to a garage then I would have to move another one out of the way as it had been parked too close for me to open the drivers door. I reached down to its bumper and lifted it easily out of the way and then from the back for good measure. My other concern was that I had left home without a coat, and that it was without a doubt

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The army barrier/pinched wheels

Tuesday, January 11 2005

I had to erect a makeshift barrier in a room out of things discarded as it had to protect army guys and be a place to rest. I thought the resulting barricade looked rather good. A man came back to his car to find one of the wheels missing and on bricks.


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