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Houses in repair

Tuesday, December 12 2006

A golden dog was talking to me and wouldn't go away. I walked away down a road familiar to me and soon came to a row of houses that were in some state of refurbishment. Their windows had been removed, along with most of the front walls. All that remained was grey cladding. Workmen were busy at their task and some looked up in anger as I walked past. There were restricted walkways and buses arriving to pick up and set down patients were in chaos. Crowdsof people trying to get past all the na

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Expecting to see a ghost

Monday, February 14 2005

I'm in a ghostly house where a series of passwords need to be spoken to stop them appearing. A balloon goes down flat and I'm moaned at as the spell needs to be said again. Workmen are not afraid of potentially seeing a ghost as they carry on at their work.


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