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Otto and Arthur

Monday, July 28 2008

Otto was playing in the garden of one of my neighbours. He knew he wasn't supposed to be there so was taking his time looking around and sniffing at things. Being a dog, he couldn't resist leaving his 'mark' on some bush or other. Arthur was NOT going to like that as he was a keen gardener, and when he saw Otto he got a broom and began to shoo shoo to get Otto away from his garden. As I watched from my window, Otto grabbed one end of the broom between his teeth and wrestled Arthur as if thi

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Joni Mitchell painting gallery

Saturday, July 19 2008

I was at a gallery that was getting ready to host a display of Joni Mitchell paintings. They were all behind a curtain in readiness to be put on the walls. I managed to get a sneak preview of some of what was to go on display, and was particulary struck by one self portrait. I put my signature to the bottom left (it just seemed the natural thing to do) and was preparing to leave the building when I heard that the lady was in the building and was on her way over to look at preparations in progres


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