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One Reason NOT To Lucid Dream

Monday, September 8 2003

All right. This dream has some rather adult subject matter, so this will be embarrassing for me. o_o;; In real life, I lay down on my left side to nap on the couch. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was airing at first, but later on I was sleeping through The Dead Zone. Most of the "dream" took place with me lying on my side so at first I thought it was lucidity, just me thinking, and not really a dream. But now I'm not sure. The very first memory I had was me thinking of my earlier dream, "

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Thursday, June 5 2003

If this dream, from my nap, was not the same dream as "How Can I Pick Just One?"--which it may have been--it then shifted out of it. I went walking out into the living room--it was night--and there were all these people at my house. Perhaps it was a party, or just a gathering. I felt kind of self-conscious but decided to try to be casual. I think there were at least two cats, one of which MIGHT or might not have been my own pet, Cosmas. I went over to sit down near where the heater is, maybe to

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The Well-Endowed Mud Creature

Sunday, July 15 2001

A dream similar to "They Show Porn On Cartoon Network, Now?" concerned some sort of team mascot on TV. It had this distinctive name, something like Mud Creature--I seem to remember that Mud or something beginning with an M was part of the name. And it looked like a mud creature too. This big, kinda hairy, really messy-looking thing, as if made partly with straw and manure. There was a coach or something standing to the left of it talking to it or about it. It was a composite of several different


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