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Greeting Of Animals & The Magic Squirrel

Sunday, January 28 2007

I'll treat this all as one dream though I'm honestly not sure. Not even of the order. There was one kind of disconnected part in which I looked out the front porch window and saw--ALL SORTS of animals gathered there. At first I saw only a few--like a couple of different kinds of birds, and maybe a squirrel and/or chipmunk, and a skunk or something, and they were all out there just eating/gathering food at once, and I thought, "OH, how cute!! They're all just feeding and getting along!" I thoug

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Lost At The Church

Friday, January 12 2007

This was detailed and very realistic while I was having it, but I took no notes so I'll just describe in general what I recall. It was evening, I believe (the season probably summer or autumn), and I decided to go for a walk. This was reminiscent of the bike rides I used to take down the road when I was younger, on nice evenings. I stopped doing that years ago, and while I occasionally walk, it's never down G. Road, the road I used to bicycle. Well, I think I told Dad of my intent and then lef


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