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Curious Bystander In A Mall Drama

Friday, July 30 2010

I can no longer remember the beginning of this dream, since I feel there was more that happened before the part I start out with. This was very clear and I had it right before awakening for the morning. My memory picks up with me walking down what was supposed to be a street, but also seemed to be inside a mall or some such. At first, it was more like an exterior street since I think a narrow strip of sky was visible overhead. The location was unfamiliar, though in the dream I think it was a pla

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My Disappointing Non-Lucid Lukewarm Bath

Thursday, July 1 2010

Not much to say. Just mentioning a mildly recurring dream/dream theme of mine which should make me able to go lucid, but somehow never does. In what I believe was part of a larger dream, I was in the bathtub, presumably during the daytime, and at least my dad was home, possibly also my mother and/or brother. I feel my dad was talking with a male elsewhere in the house like the living room so that's why I say brother. I don't think the bathroom door was closed, at least not all the way, and the s


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