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Guillermo Del Toro's Meeting, AKA Lucidity?--No Thanks

Lucid Intent
Friday, May 24 2013

From yesterday. Typed up from notes. Some parts might be vague. There was apparently some kind of gathering, maybe like a class (school?--college?) field trip, in a building like a large theater or school of some sort; it looked nothing like any building I've been in so I can't describe it properly. First I think we just kind of congregated in one area like a back room where it was rather dimly lit, but we were getting ready to go somewhere, so I started looking around for what I wanted to bring

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Kitty Barn

Sunday, May 12 2013

I'm typing this up over a month after having the dream, so it's rather vague. This might have been part of a larger dream. My mother and I were outside, getting ready to leave and go somewhere. It was daytime and overcast. I think her car was in the long driveway to the south side of our house. I looked and saw the two feral black kittens we've been caring for in real life come out of the woods near the garage, the runty/mouthy one first; they were kind of lying down or crawling or rolling out o


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