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Malfunctioning Cameras & Toilets, In The Same Dream!

Wednesday, June 12 2013

Taken down a while after I had this dream, so it's faded somewhat. I was outside and it was daytime, probably early afternoon, bright and sunny. It was snowy and the landscape was somewhat different--to the south and somewhat west were rolling hills, and not as many trees as there really are. The hills were white and glistening with snow and the trees were barren. Further to the south, through the woods, there was fog/mist. It was all quite lovely. It was so lovely I thought it'd make a good pho

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Prince William Mourns Alyssa Milano

Saturday, June 8 2013

This is typed up a while after I had it so it might be a bit vague. It was daytime and I was in the living room with my mother and somebody(s) else, I'm not sure who. I wasn't really paying attention to what was going on on TV, but I think it was Dateline (weird time of the day for it to be on since this seemed to be late morning). Then, however, there was a blond woman crying about some kind of texting-and-driving accident. I was puzzled because it had been Dateline or whatever but apparently t


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