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Pokemon Drawing

Friday, February 24 2017

   I sit at a table with some other people my age, including Darel.  I work diligently on a detailed Pokemon drawing.  I goof around a little bit, but eventually get serious so I can get it done. Bulbasaur looks awesome, but the other Pokemon are only half done at best.  I’m not even sure what the Pokemon in the upper right is supposed to be, so I can’t continue working on it until I know. I look it up, and it turns out to be the carrot monster from

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Attic, Building, and Marshmallow Gunk

Monday, August 29 2016

I’m at my uncle’s house when the apocalypse starts, or something equally catastrophic that is forcing us to get out of town as soon as we can.  Everyone is urgently packing whatever we can take with us, but the pressure to do so as fast as possible doesn’t seem to be there.  So long as we leave, we can take our time. I climb up into the attic via a latter in the hallway, and look around the comfortable space.  It’s larger than I thought it would be, le


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