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Bunker Christmas

Friday, January 6 2017

     I’m at the bunker, chatting with Claire.   Christmas is tomorrow.  She mentions that she’s always wanted a big Santa on top of the tree, but the family that she came from would never allow it.   I go out and shop for something like that to make her Christmas special.  I find something large and snowman covered, but it’s actually large lawn mower cover.  I decide it’ll do; I can make it work.   I pick it up th

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Murder on the Pier

Sunday, September 11 2016

            I’m in my room [bedroom at my Dad’s] talking to a young boy in a wheelchair.  His legs have been amputated from the knee down.  He’s asking me what kind of bat I have- which is in a plastic package leaning on my dresser up against the wall separating my bedroom from my Dad’s. I walk over to it and pick it up.  I look at it closely and see that it’s like a softball bat, but it&rsquo


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