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The Chalk Games

Monday, December 5 2016

          I’m in a large, open living room with Mom, Granny, and my aunt.  I feel like I’m small compared to everything, like I’m a little girl again.  The others sit at a table in the corner next to a large window.  I sit on the floor in the middle of the room.   I look outside through the bright window and see a bright but cloud-littered sky.  The clouds look kind of funny, so I focus on them to f

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Juice Joke

Monday, September 26 2016

It’s lunch time, so I go to the cafeteria and stand in line to grab some food.  The cafeteria is a small room off the the right.  It looks more like a kitchen with the kitchen island being the serving area, and the wall to the far right is covered in windows that let light in. The guy in front of me spills his juice all over me as a joke.  I roll my eyes and make no move to clean up the juice, rather electing to just ignore it.  The guy leaves with his friends, lau


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