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Closure Sale

Thursday, January 5 2017

   I go to a college which has a giant garage sale going on.  The garage sale functions more like a museum, however.  Everyone walks around a long line of display tables littered with things that they pick through on the way.  At the beginning, before I was on this line of people walking through these belongings, I listened to the woman who is selling everything up on a stage.  She explains that she just officially got divorced from a man who died, and now sh

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Shinedown Concert Trip

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, October 25 2016

             I go to a Shinedown concert with my dad, brother, and my brother’s friends.  It’s nighttime when they start performing- and the massive crowd cheers and watches with reverence. The first song they play is one that I know by heart.  I watch with awe as they perform it on the stage beyond the sea of fans.  The second song they play is one that I don’t recognize- so I close my eyes and take


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