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Garage Class

Saturday, November 19 2016

   I go to a class in a place that feels like a garage.  I walk around as though it were a garage sale, looking at various things left out on the piled tables.    I find small, palm-sized jewelry boxes that are made of stained glass that is a red/amber color.  The lids have a type of rose that blends into an elongated heart or tear shape- I’m not sure.  But the glass is a beautiful color.  I find three of them and set them together. The other

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Carport Shower

Thursday, November 10 2016

I need to shower, so I head out to the carport where the shower is.  I take off my pants right as an older guy on a bicycle passes by.  He rubbernecks and gawks- and I feel embarrassed under his stare.  I want to get  done as fast as possible. I use shaving cream on my legs, which makes them incredibly smooth when I shave away the hair.  I rinse one leg before I realize I should take off my shirt and jacket so that they don’t get wet.  I’m compl


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