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Early Morning Recycling

Monday, November 14 2016

Skye needs to go outside to potty.  It’s pretty urgent, so I go ahead and take him out before I get dressed.  It’s early enough that I figure no one will be around to see me without my shirt on. I’m proved wrong, however, when the recycle guy comes around the house and through the back yard to pick up our cardboard.  I didn’t expect him until later in the day.  I try to pass Skye off to Mom so I can go in and get something to cover up- but she dow

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Carport Shower

Thursday, November 10 2016

I need to shower, so I head out to the carport where the shower is.  I take off my pants right as an older guy on a bicycle passes by.  He rubbernecks and gawks- and I feel embarrassed under his stare.  I want to get  done as fast as possible. I use shaving cream on my legs, which makes them incredibly smooth when I shave away the hair.  I rinse one leg before I realize I should take off my shirt and jacket so that they don’t get wet.  I’m compl


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