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Hagrid's List

Saturday, February 11 2017

     Hagrid gives me a shopping list that is on a really long piece of paper.  It has multiple recipes on it, and the ingredients he needs aren’t specified.  I’m not sure if he needs all of the ingredients for the recipe or just of the things- it’s really confusing.  I end up just standing in the produce section of Su-store reading the paper over and trying to discern what I actually need to buy. Most of the recipes are ridiculous anyw

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Unwelcomed at Shrimp Dinner

Friday, December 30 2016

     I explore a forest with a guy friend.  He’s taking me somewhere to show me something, even though I feel like I shouldn’t be here.   After climbing over some precarious rocks and toppled over tree trunks, we arrive at our destination: his Native American family’s home.  All of his relatives gather around a long, log table outside of a cabin.  It’s time for dinner, and my friend insists that I stay.  I tell him that


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