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Pickax Grave Digger

Friday, January 20 2017

There’s a guy my age standing in the doorway leading out of the shack we’re in.  He’s digging into the dirt floor with a pickaxe.  He’s looking for bones of a pet or someone that was important to him.  They were improperly buried in this doorway, and he is determined to dig them up and give them a proper burial. Someone tells me that I should be helping him dig.  I have a shovel in my hands, which would work much better than a pickaxe.  H

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Multi-World Adventure

Wednesday, November 9 2016

                            I’m in a house that is in the middle of a swampy forest.  I talk to Nick on the phone, listening and comforting him as he cries about his brother never being there for him.  I walk to one of the back rooms so that I have more privacy and can’t be overheard.  I go so far as to step into the closet, hoping it&rsqu


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