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Saving Spider, Alien Cas, and Catholic Abduction

Thursday, December 29 2016

               I save a spider, and want to make sure that wherever I let them go they will be safe.  I take them to the safest place I know- which is a wooden shack that only I know about. When I reach the shack, I find that it’s full of a bunch of wild animals.  I kick the door a couple of times to clear everyone out.  It takes a couple of rounds of kicking the door to get everything to evacuate.

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Save the Cat, End the World

Sunday, September 18 2016

        The bell signals that math class is over.  I exit the classroom but forget which class I’m supposed to go to now.  I walk down the halls and stairs, hoping my memory will jog as I walk. Instead, I spot Travis talking to some guys down the full freshman hall, and decide to avoid him.  I take a left down headache hall and circle around through the commons.  When I get to the staircase, I see that I’m once again cut off by


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