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Camp for the Troubled

Saturday, December 10 2016

        I find a staff inside the house that is perfect for twirling. I go to a store and wait outside, near the automatic doors, for my friends to get done shopping.  I lean on the wall and tap my staff idly. A man with a severe limp heads for the door from across the parking lot.  I recognize him without having to look directly at him.  I know that this man is a major asshole and would prefer to stay out of his way.  I figure if I j

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Memorized Directions

Wednesday, October 26 2016

I drive all the way to a city I’ve never been to before alone.  I’m here for a reunion or something of the like.  I have the directions memorized down to the very room that I’m supposed to go to- and go straight there.  I unload my belongs into the room- which feels like a dressing room from the inside- and realize that I probably should have checked in at the reception area before I went ahead and let myself into this room.  I got so carried away wi


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